“Invaluable… Anita has landed highly visible engagements, helped produce national and regional TV segments and most importantly— established profitable long-term relationships with clients.”

Pete Thomas— CEO, Pete Thomas Wellness and NBC’s Most Successful “Biggest Loser” Speaker | Teacher | Spokesman | Author | Coach, Athlete

Anita is the Branding Queen!  She can come up with a great idea, title or tagline in a second!  Not only that, she’s an amazing process-oriented person.  She can articulate the big ideas and then execute down to the details—plus she’s a phenomenal writer! I’ve collaborated with Anita on a number of projects and she’s great with our clients.  She is very passionate about delivering on time and in excellence.  No matter what size the client, you can count on Anita to deliver with outstanding results!

—Jillian Blackwell – Marketing Strategist, Founder Jillian Blackwell Agency, My Girlfriend’s Business and Detroit Faces and Places

Whether it’s public relations, communications, or business strategy, Anita knows how to make it happen and she knows how to think outside of the box.

Jermaine L. Jackson– CEO, Jermaine Jackson Entertainment Los Angeles, CA

I’ve worked with Anita on television projects both in LA and in Detroit.  She is a joy to work with. She works well with everyone and she’s always willing to go the extra mile.  She’s the first one I call when I bring a show to Detroit.

Donna Goodrow— Supervising Casting Producer, Los Angeles, CA

Anita is a branding genius!  She took time to listen to me and my team and then offer messaging ideas that really worked!  Anita also developed a year-long social media communication strategy that was amazing!  We now have an effective way to engage our fans on a daily basis and facilitate dialogue among our members.  I am so grateful for Anita’s branding and social media expertise—and my coaches are too!

Jana Stewart – Global Health & Fitness Consultant, Bikini Competitor Founder and CEO, J. Active Lifestyles and Bikini Booty Club International Fitness Franchise, Los Angeles, CA

“One word describes what Sensei Communications has done for “Free Ride to College.com”, “FORWARD!” Anita has moved us forward and to the next level.”

Norma Richards –Author “Free Ride to College”: A Guide to Grooming Your Kids for a Full Academic Scholarship

“Anita is creative and resourceful! She’s worked with my team both in LA and virtually… And on some tough-to-cast shows! I definitely recommend Anita and her team for casting.”

—Allison Kaz, Casting Producer, Head of Casting & Talent —Electus Los Angeles, CA


Anita is great to work with.  She’s smart, savvy and she knows how to get things done efficiently— which is great in this new media environment where  music, entertainment and corporate are merging and creating a new kind of business model. Anita also knows how to handle everyone. She’s an effective publicist who’s great at communicating your brand, executing innovative ideas and handling the media….AND she’s fun to be around! I’ve recommended Anita to entertainment clients of mine and I will continue to do so!

—Brian Pastoria—Harmonie Park Media Group